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Title: Blue-Eyed Jack
Author: Sgt. Mayhem
Rating: R (language, sex)
Summary: Jack and the Captain meet long before Torchwood Three, during the summer of 1940. An AU look at their relationship and its inevitable end.

Notes: Firstly, I have yanked history through a knothole backward trying to rectify the ungodly mess of it that the writers made when they first introduced Jack as "Captain Jack Harkness, 133rd Squadron, American volunteer" in spring(?) of 1941. So I fudged a little bit as far as that goes, and then gave up. Suffice it to say that the 71st Squadron was not formed until September of 1940, and didn't even become operational until February of 1941, a month after the real Jack's death. And the 133rd Squadron wasn't even formed until July of 1941, and didn't see combat until 1942. I also tried to speculate how an American volunteer would end up ranking as a Group Captain, since even the Eagle Squadron commanders were initially Brits. (My conclusion? He was simply that awesome.) So. With all that in mind, I tried.

Secondly, this is unbeta'ed. God help us.

Thirdly, written for the [ profile] at_the_ritz weekly challenge, "Let's Finish This."

You took my hand at first without even looking up at me, like it was inevitable... )


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