Nov. 22nd, 2011 01:31 am
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Say nothing
                of April -
  it is November that's cruelest -
and the cold voice of the wind
  the ice-rimmed wings that crack
against trembling dawn
                to take
  all the years of rain
       between Heaven and Earth,
  ferry-man for the winter
      who touches the lavender
  by the door,
     the sharp, tough herb
       that clings the hardest
                   to last summer's soil,
    who says,
      all the roads of memory lead here:
         a house within itself,
   a piano showing silent teeth
     a hat upon the door-nail
       shoes that have walked
    down from the mountains
  to the wet rim of the sea,
  except for three grains
        of cold still sand.
  Listen to the note where summer ended,
it rings in the inner ear
     like a trumpet that once hit a note
  all the way to the hospital,
   you did it for him then,
 and all your childhood hope meant.
     Listen to the winter pull
 her long cart over the cobbled road
     as though for the last time;
  no candle lights the way through this,
      no calendars any more
because this is where time is different:
           summer is in a room far away,
    a car forever winding up the hills
     running fast past the herds of antelope
   the fossil beds in Wyoming,
   still as a picture
      quiet as the gun in its leather case,
    bright and three-dimensional,
        a souvenir looking-glass, a story-book
   from the topsail yard
     to the Uintah peaks;
 you can almost hold it in your hand,
   this rough warm thing like a stone
from the canyons.
  You had a good conversation.
   He knew the way by memory.
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In the end, love
   is the only language
breathed in quiet rooms
      to the time of oxygen, the shuttered eye
  looking down the halls of record
      the soft mystery
                 of the moving lips.

Past all the questions, the tales,
           the un-answers,
  past all of the shouting to storybook gods
       and the lists of the saints
          standing shoulder to shoulder
 through childhood memories,

In the faintness of echoes in the tubes
        or the swift shuttle of eyes beneath the lids,
   the twitch of electricity in the fingers
       and all of our fingers miming
     some animal instinct of solidarity,
         some panting struggle to let go,

When crowded around the narrow stage,
       all of the sentences of yesterday await,
          thronging for their turn before the curtain,
    turning, voiceless,
         watching the shadows silently,
      the dimming lights before their debut

 With the flicker of many wings,
          rising soft from a thicket of words
     leaving the dew upon the branch,
  and becoming small amid the sky
      but flashing, in the light there, brilliant
              they fly one by one away -

in the still time.
  into the eternity of the expired breath.
    Now it is a hollow, human thing -
created to hold infinities, an open, blank book,
    the letters fled, the gulf unimaginable.
           The speed of light.

In the end,
   it blooms, the easiest thing upon the silent tongue,
          these wordless moments are your gardens,
                                 your monuments,
               they are all that must be known:
 In the end, love

    In the end,
love is the only language

          you need.


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