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Title: So Nice to Come Home To
Author/Artist: Shane
Fandom/Pairing: Torchwood; Jack/Jack
Rating: PG
Word count: 200
Art size: 1161x1632
Notes: This is a gift I did for [ profile] madder_rose for the [ profile] torchwood_fest holiday exchange.

He’s lived a thousand lives, been to the end of the Universe, saved the world a few times. Done things he’ll never be able to forget, much as he might want to.

You’d think a bombing raid would be old hat to him; he’s been here more than three times, too. But Jack’s sitting on a creaky bed in a blacked-out hotel room and putting one eye up to the pin-sized hole in the curtain, staring out at the night sky. His heart’s in his throat as the rumbles and flashes encroach on the city. He’s gotta get working on those fake papers to get him into the RAF. Properly, this time.

In the meantime, waiting.

Jack doesn’t remember falling asleep, but he doesn’t bother playing cool when he hears the creak on the stair. He’s flying across the room and flinging the door open before the man on the other side can even reach the doorknob. Grinning at the surprised puff of breath that escapes the weary pilot as Jack throws his arms around him and kisses him soundly.

“Welcome back,” he mumurs against a sweaty neck. Group Captain Jack Harkness laughs softly and kisses him back.


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